About us

Paras Lubricants Limited was incorporated in 1985 as Private Limited Company and subsequently converted into Public Limited Company in 1995. The Company’s Head Office is in Delhi and Western Office is in Mumbai. The overall marketing, administrative matters and the day-to-day activities of the Company are looked after from these two offices. The Company’s products are marketed under the trade name “PALCO” Lubricants are manufactured at two plants located at Khopoli, (Dist. Raigarh, Maharashtra) and Daman (U.T.).


The company is managed by highly qualified and experienced personnel having Science/Management background. Both the manufacturing facilities are equipped with most modern test equipment’s and products manufactured pass through strict quality checks right from raw material input till packing and dispatch. Most of the raw materials including base oils and additives are imported from internationally reputed companies.


In view of continuous R&D in the automobile industry, latest engines are being introduced from time to time for use in the vehicles, to have fuel economy and also to comply with the emission standards. As such, the demand of the engines on the lubricant quality is also becoming more and more stringent. To meet the demand, new high performance oils are continuously being introduced by Paras Lubricants to keep in pace with the challenging requirements of the new engine technology.

The Company is poised for further growth and there are plans to launch new products meeting National / International specifications in order to cater the demand of high performance lubricants in Automotive, Agriculture and Engineering Industries.

The company has recently introduced new range of synthetic lubricants both for automotive & industrial lubricants. The technical service department of the company offers services in trouble shooting, problem solving, lube oil management & energy management.


To provide quality products at a price that reflects true value along with unparalleled support services by highly trained and well motivated work force meeting customer expectations and requirements.


To be the foremost Indian Lubricant Manufacturing Company most admired for its quality products, reliable performance and best services with a perspective of global excellence. Our Mission and Vision statement consists of the following values.


mission and vision

Our Value And People 

Our commitment to render services to our customers and the society at large always reminds us to uphold our own principles and have a continual improvement towards attaining this vision. Accordingly, we believe in:

  1. Professionalism in our approach.
  2. Dedication for quality and excellence.
  3. Enthusiastic customer service.

We will continue our effort to achieve the highest performance level, together with challenging spirit as well as high quality products to deal with, in our business field.