PAL HTG 1 & 2


PAL HTG - 1 & 2

These greases are formulated from a special blend of high viscosity solvent refined base oil, thickened with bentonite clay. They have smooth structure, ability to retain their consistency under increasing temperatures; offer excellent resistance to chemicals such as mild acids and alkalies besides having good water repellency characteristics.

These greases meet IS 12790-1999 grade 3, U.S.Steel No.372 requirements and IPSS:1-09-008 specifications. These greases are suitable for the lubrication of machine elements, plain bearings and anti-friction bearings operating at high temperatures between 120°C to 250°C.

Recommended for use in industrial ball and roller bearings, kiln car wheel bearings, furnace door bearings, heat exchange motor bearings, oven conveyor bearings and other applications where extremely high temperatures are encountered. These greases gives optimum performance when used in applications up to 135°C with normal re-greasing, and up to 250°C with frequent re-greasing, making it suitable for use in a wide range of high-temperature applications.

These greases are not compatible with soap type greases. Bearings must be thoroughly cleaned before changing over to Bentonite type greases.


180KG, 18KG, 1KG

1 Appearance Dark Brown
2 Soap Type Bentonite Clay
3 Base Oil Type Mineral
4 Base Oil Viscosity, @40°C 460
5 Viscosity Index of base oil, min. 90
6 Cone Penetration, @25°C±0.5°C 310-340 265-295
7 Drop Point, °C min. 280 280
* The specifications are subject to variations/development/customization.