PAL EHT-30, 60 & 100


PAL EHT-30, 60 & 100

These greases are multipurpose non-soap base grease made from a heat resistant bentonite thickener, compounded with EP additives and finely dispersed molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), which is very effective solid lubricant with extremely good anti-scuffing characteristics. They are engineered to resist rust, oxidation and corrosion while reducing wear besides excellent ability to withstand high temperature and severe shock load conditions. In addition, these greases have excellent resistance to water washout and do not get affected by mild acids and alkalies.

Recommended for lubrication in all areas of industrial, automotive, farm machinery and other off-road applications These greases meet IS 12790-1999 grade 3, U.S.Steel No.372 requirement and IPSS:1-09-008 specifications. These greases are widely used for the lubrication of machine elements, plain bearings and anti-friction bearings operating at high temperatures between 120°C to 250°C. These greases gives optimum performance when used in applications up to 135°C with normal re-greasing, and up to 250°C with frequent re-greasing, making it suitable for use in a wide range of high temperature applications.

These greases are not compatible with other greases. Former grease must be completely removed and cleaned from bearings before using greases described in this product bulletin.


180KG, 18KG, 1KG

1 Appearance Black
2 Soap Type Bentonite
3 MoS2 3% 6% 10%
4 Base Oil Type Mineral
5 Base Oil Viscosity, @40°C 460
6 Viscosity Index of base oil, min. 90
7 Cone Penetration, @25°C±0.5°C 265-295
8 Drop Point, °C,min. 280
* The specifications are subject to variations/development/customization.