The Research & Development centre (R&D) located at Khopoli, Dist. Raigad in Maharashtra is equipped with state of art facilities & modern equipment required for developing lubricants as per the latest technology & also as per customer requirements. The testing of lubricants is carried out as per ASTM, IP, BIS Standards. The R & D centre is managed by a team of professional scientists & headed by Dr. V.K. Chhatwal, Executive Vice President who has over 35 years of experience in developing high-performance Automotive, Industrial & Synthetic lubricants in the R & D center of a reputed Public Sector Petroleum Company.

The R&D centre has recently developed the following class of lubricants:

  1. HITECH PLUS 15W40, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil meeting API CI-4/SL Plus, MB 228.3, MAN 3275, Volvo VDS-3 and ACEA E7/E5 specs.
  2. GARNET 5W30 - Synthetic crankcase oil for modern day high-performance cars meeting API SN, ACEA A5/B5 requirements.
  3. LEOPARD 5W30, Cost effective Semi-synthetic crankcase oil for modern day high-performance cars meeting API SM/CF specs.
  4. Polyalkylene Glycol based Grinding Fluids with the improved surface finish.
  5. RUBY GEL – High Quality lubricating gel developed for automotive wheel bearings of all types of passenger, commercial vehicles.  Recommended drain interval up to 75000 km under ideal road conditions.
  6. PAL DRAW ST – High-Performance Aluminium Wire Drawing Oil.

Besides continuous impetus on the development of long life high-performance lubricants, the R & D centre also offers services in trouble shooting, problem-solving, lube oil management and energy conserving methods.