Rust is a word that is usually used to describe the chemical compound of iron oxide. Rust appears on iron when it comes in contact with water or oxygen. It is a major problem when dealing with metal objects and causes a great deal of unwanted damage and expense.

Rust and Corrosion can result in failing equipment, increased power consumption, non-salable parts, and other economic stresses that can be avoided through the use of rust preventives. Rust preventive fluids are designed to coat and protect the surface of metal components from corrosive attack.

These fluids can be solvent or oil based and offer varying degrees of protection ranging from a few weeks to many months

Solvent containing rust preventives form stable film characteristics, reduce run-off loss and thus increase process reliability and provide excellent long-term indoor protection against rust and corrosion. They are widely used for protecting components previously exposed to water-containing machines and grinding coolants, cleaners, or water rinses and also long term indoor protection of parts and components, which are stored under humid conditions. They can be applied preferably by immersion, but if impractical, the fluid may be applied by brushing or spraying.

Rust preventives on mineral oil base are mostly used for a short-term inter-operational protection or for the treatment of components before wrapping or as a temporary protection of ferrous bar, rod, and strip. This product is also suitable as flushing oil for the internal protection of engines and machinery. They are ideal for use where solvent based products are unacceptable.

Rust Preventives are easy to apply and easy to remove without leaving residues behind, so that subsequent surface treatments like paint coatings, galvanic layers etc. are not affected.